Safeguard your cattle operation with Livestock Risk Protection (LRP). With LRP you can lock in a guaranteed market price, ensuring peace of mind even in the face of market downturns. At the end of the insurance period, if the actual ending value is below the coverage price, you will receive the difference between the coverage price and actual ending value.

LRP Highlights

  • Protect against declining market prices
  • Lock in projected futures market price – futures price set daily.
  • Coverage endorsements available for 13-52 week periods. Multiple endorsements may be purchased.
  • Available for unborn calves, steers, and heifers.
  • Choose between 70-100% coverage levels (subsidies available from 35-55%)
  • Coverage is based solely on national market prices, not the actual sale price.
  • Ownership may be retained at the end of the policy period.