PRF insurance helps to protect the farmers and ranchers whose livelihood is dependent upon the ever changing and unpredictable weather patterns, especially those found in the Great Plains region. Customers can use it to protect their grazing and haying operations against any decline in the expected precipitation. The expected precipitation is calculated using historical weather data collected by NOAA. This coverage does not measure direct production or loss- it simply insures a specific and predicted amount of rainfall for that region.

So how does it work?

The year is broken up into two-month intervals and the producer chooses a minimum of two different intervals that they want to insure. Then they assign coverage levels to each interval they have chosen totaling 100%. So for example, if the producer decided to insure their ground from April-May, Jun-July, and August-September they might assign coverage levels of 30% to the first interval, 60% to the second interval, and 10% to the third interval. At the end of each two-month interval the amount of total precipitation is calculated and if it is less than the insured rainfall amount the producer will receive an indemnity.

This can be an extremely valuable insurance coverage in our dry and unpredictable area. Sales Closing is November 15th. Call us today to learn more or to sign up for Pasture Rangeland Forage Insurance.

Sales closing for PRF is November 15th.

· Protect your operation against losses due to reduction of predicted rainfall amounts.

· Insurance protection for grazing, forage, and haying   operations.

· Coverage is for a single peril—lack of predicted rain within a specific grid.

· Predicted rainfall based on NOAA historical data.

· Choose between 70-90% coverage

· Pick which months out of the year you would like to insure.